About Dan

What I do now:

DanInHonduras1I am a product marketing strategist turned people development “DNA Digger.”  I help people get “unstuck,” visualize their life’s DNA, and co-develop life strategies to get them on the road to fulfilling their life purpose.  I apply the many years of strategic planning from my business career to the individual.  The absolute best tool for doing this was developed by Tom Paterson in his LifePlan process.

I recently completed my Masters in Christian Leadership from Liberty University driven by my found passion and heart to be a conduit and coach to business leaders or any person thirsty for a more fulfilling life.  This is usually found outside the business environment!

What brought me to where I am?

I worked in the corporate world for the first 13 years of my business career leading new product development efforts with Duracell Inc., Gillette, and Taylor Made Golf.  I spent the past 15 years on the consulting side and business ownership dealing in the golf, automotive, fragrance, internet start-up and logistics industries.  I consider myself a high level strategic and innovative thinker that can turn complex issues into manageable bite-size pieces.   I am named in various product patents and have earned 2 Effie’s and a Cannes Film Festival Advertising Award.

Other parts of my DNA:

DanRocknRollSD2013cropI am married to a wonderful and supportive wife, Connie, for 28 years.  We have three grown boys just finishing their college years and have been an active soccer family since the kids could barely walk.   I love to cook, usually finding a good recipe and changing it to make it my own.  I run because I delight in the way I feel after I run, not during it.  I ran my first (and probably only) full marathon in 2011 but average 2-3 half-marathon’s a year to motivate myself.  It also allows me to eat the rich food I cook!  Golf is a passion but there never seems to be enough time to get better at it.  Exploring the globe and traveling with my wife has been a joy and blessing in my life.  I am active in my church in North County San Diego where I lead and facilitate a small group and have organized and help lead trips to Israel and Jordan.

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